In October 2017, I made the decision to set up my own recruitment agency in Dungannon. It’s a decision I had thought about for several years but I never thought I would actually do it! In September 2018 I found myself at a crossroads in my career and it’s at this point I decided it’s now or never!

With so much to learn about the world of business I was lucky to be accepted onto the Power of 4 Programme run by Women in Business NI. It is here I met likeminded females taking the entrepreneurial plunge. Throughout the training sessions and private mentoring offered via the programme I gained a wealth of knowledge which equipped me with the information and determination I needed to move forward with my business. The program was integral to my personal growth and helped me push past my comfort zone. In 2018 I received a Pest Pitch award through a competition run by the Power of 4 Programme.

My business is based on providing best customer service. I work remotely and spend my time networking with candidates in local coffee shops and office spaces matching them up to vacancies based on their skill set, experience, preferences and personality fit. To do this effectively I make sure I am equipped with good knowledge of my clients businesses. The highlight of my business venture has been the recognition I recently received at the Firmus Energy Local Woman Magazine Awards held in Europa Hotel where employmint received “best customer service” 2019 award. Truly delighted with this personal achievement!

Running my own business of course is very hard work, hours are long and irregular, there can be social isolation, unsteady pay, time constraints and constant multi-tasking but above all I manage my own schedule, allowing me to spend time with what is most important in my life and the inspiration behind my business, my young family.

My advice to anyone thinking of starting their own business is DO IT! It will be full of ups and downs, good days and bad, hectic schedules and late nights but through hard work and keeping sight of your vision your business dream can become a successful reality. Don’t wonder “what if”!


A Picture on the Awards night – 13Th April 2019.

To discuss a vacancy or if you are thinking of a career change you can contact me on 07809238786 or at Judith@employmint.co.uk

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